List available fonts

The available fonts can be listed using the following the command:


Output example:

INFO:pibooth:Listing all fonts available...
acaslonprobold            gurmukhi                    prestigeelitestdbd
acaslonprobolditalic      gurmukhimn                  ptmono
acaslonproitalic          gurmukhisangammn            ptsans
acaslonproregular         hellohoney                  ptserif
acaslonprosemibold        helvetica                   ptserifcaption

Regenerate pictures

To regenerate the final pictures afterwards, from the originals captures present in the raw folder, use the command:


It permits to adjust the configuration to enhance the previous pictures with better parameters (title, more effects, etc…)

Manage counters

Several counters are registered during pibooth usage to keep in track the number of:

  • taken pictures since last reset

  • printed pictures since last reset

  • forgotten pictures since last reset

  • remaining duplicate for the currently displayed picture

Pictures counters can be displayed using the command:


Output example:

Listing current counters:

 -> Taken.................... :  126
 -> Printed.................. :   17
 -> Forgotten................ :    2
 -> Remaining_duplicates..... :    3

The output can be formatted in json using the --json option:

pibooth-count --json

Output example:

{"taken": 126, "printed": 17, "forgotten": 2, "remaining_duplicates": 3}

The counters can be updated/rest using the --update option:

pibooth-count --update

Errors diagnosis

Use the following command to generate a debug report on your Raspberry-Pi, then paste it in a GitHb issue to gives details about your pibooth environment:


List printer options

Use the following command to list all options as defined in the PPD file of the printer defined in the configuration:


Output example:

INFO:pibooth:Connected to printer 'EPSON_XP_6100_Series'
EPIJ_PSrc = 2
     Description: Page Setup
     Choices:     2 = Standard
                  3 = Borderless
                  25 = CD/DVD

EPIJ_Size = 1
     Description: Paper Size
     Choices:     1 = A4
                  74 = 10 x 15 cm (4 x 6 in)
                  76 = 13 x 18 cm (5 x 7 in)
                  6 = A6
                  23 = A5

The current values can be formatted in json using the --json option, the generated output can be pasted (after update of the wanted values) in the [PRINTER][printer_options] option:

pibooth-printcfg --json

Output example:

{"EPIJ_PSrc": "2", "EPIJ_Size": "1", "EPIJ_FdSo": "11", "EPIJ_Medi": "0", "EPIJ_Ink_": "1",
"EPIJ_DSPT": "0", "EPIJ_OpAv": "0", "EPIJProfileSpec": "0", "ColorModel": "RGB",
"MediaType": "0", "Resolution": "360x360dpi", "PageSize": "A4", "PageRegion": "A4",
"EPIJ_PGEx": "0", "EPIJ_BSSv": "0", "EPIJ_Silt": "0", "EPIJ_BkPr": "1", "EPIJ_AuCS": "1"}